Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

Websites that used to buy or sell or exchange the cryptocurrencies for other digital currencies or traditional currencies named as Cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to do an occasional trade, some platforms are available to do direct trades. But in case of professional trade and need of some trading tools, one must go for choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange to do trading. For this trader must create an account and verify his/her identity on exchange website.

Types of exchanges:

Trading platforms – Here the websites collect fees from buyer and seller in order to connect them for each transaction.

Direct trading – Here an individual from different countries can exchange their currency and they connected directly with unfixed market price and seller’s own exchange rate.

Brokers – In this website some price level will be set by broker and anyone can visit this websites for buying cryptocurrencies.

Selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange:


Check for the cryptocurrency exchange that are top rated as well as loaded with good reviews. Despite checking reviews check for the related forum to clarify the queries.


After having a clear idea on deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees go for selecting the exchange as it varies differently for different exchanges.

Payment methods:

Some exchanges have limited payment options which will be difficult for customers. So check for the availability of all options and go for that exchange.

Geographical restrictions:

Check for the exchange that has accessibility of all user functions without the geographical location.

Exchange rate:

Exchanges will have different rates and check for the flexible rate and choose that exchange.

Best Cryptocurrency exchange:

Some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and cointracking info explained as follows:


It is the most beginner friendly exchange with headquarters in San Francisco, California.It comes under the brokers and trading platform category. It charges 1.49% fees on bank purchases and 3.99% fees on credit/debit purchases. Its reputation is good and reasonable fees with security.


It is also a beginner friendly but focuses mostly on credit/debit purchases. It comes purely under broker platform. Its service is available worldwide with languages in English, German, French, Italian and Russian.


It is a European based exchange with several payment methods such as bank transfer, credit/debit, Skrill, Neteller, and many more.It sells a Bitcoin, BCash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple for Euros.


It is the largest bitcoin exchange founded in 2011 and allows to buy and sell bitcoins, trade between bitcoins nad euros, Canadaian dollars, US dollars, Japenese Yen. has its headquarters at London, UK. It provides high security and cross-platform trading.


It provides the safest platform as it is well-known and genuine exchange throughout the bitcoin community. Advantage of bitstamp is that it provides 24/7 customer support.


It only trades three currencies such as US dollars, Bitcoin and Ethereum with extremely low fees.

It also provides high security using two-factor authentication. It has its platform to only 42 US states.


It offers a peer-to-peer exchange by allowing customers all over the world. It offers low fees with a resolution system and rating system etc.

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