Family Dental Care

Family dental care has been stressed about by dentists since many years. As everyone ranging from infants to old people are prone to dental problems, which if left untreated can lead to diseases, it is good to have periodic dental checkups. The American Dental Association (ADA) and several others started putting in efforts to educate children about the importance of brushing and flossing every day by Best dental services. This initiative has been widely appreciated as there is a decrease in cases of pediatric tooth decay over the years. Let us have a look at some cases which prove that family dental care is important

  • Toddlers and Infants – Parents should be educated enough so that they are in a position to help a small child to overcome dental health problems. As small babies have the habit of sleeping immediately after having food, they tend to have tooth problems from a young age. In fact infants can get cavities in their new teeth if a proper cleaning or flossing procedure is not followed. Parents can clean and massage the gums slightly even before the milk tooth erupts.

  • Children – Children lose all their baby teeth between the ages of six to twelve and it gets replaced by adult teeth. During this time it is important for parents to take their children to the dentist. This is because the first adult teeth to come up are generally the molars and their development will have an impact on the jaw structure and bite. Even though kids at this age are quite rebellious, parents should convince their child to brush regularly.

  • Teenagers – This is the age when little kids grow up into young adults. It is also the age that is apt for putting on braces if teeth are irregular. These braces require special care and protection throughout failing which teeth fitted with braces can get infected due to sticking of sugar and other food items.

  • Adults – In case of adults, regular dental check ups are very much important as it may help the dentist to check for underlying diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, infections or numerous other conditions. These conditions are known to manifest in the mouth. Bone density also gets reduced as people age and this condition first shows up in the face as the teeth begin to loosen up

  • Old people – The statistics of the center for disease control shows that among the 60 year olds, 25% do not have any natural teeth. Gum disease also increases with age. The prevalence of diabetes also has an impact on the overall health.

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