Risk And Return Comparison In The Currency Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are now prevalent everywhere. Bitcoin has emerged from being an unknown cryptocurrency to something that is well accepted these days. The only thing that is bothering the minds of cryptocurrency investors is the constant fluctuations in its price. You should just be bold enough to invest in Bitcoins, the rewards are matchless, once you invest in Bitcoins, such is the potential of this cryptocurrency.

A simple glance at Bitcoin rates tells us a lot about the cryptocurrency. The currency reached its peak value between 2013 1nd 2014.By 2015, its value reduced to $200.Then again there was an uptrend and the value of this cryptocurrency again began to reach the value of $1000.Thus Bitcoin is showing huge volatility in its prices. On May 24 2016, the price of Bitcoin again reached a value of US $775.They again fell by US$ 560 and increased to US$ 673.The uncertainties caused by Brexit further resulted in its price fluctuations.

For measuring the return on investments over a period of time, one needs to make use of CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate. For calculating the value of CAGR , one has to keep in mind the parameters like ending value, beginning value and a given time period. This value also gives us an insight as to how the investment grew at an annual rate over the course of a given period of time. On comparing this CAGR rates for a period of three years, we will get information on how BitcoInvest is able to beat all other investment options.

You have to gauge your risk appetite before investing in digital currencies like Bitcoins. But investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins is certainly essential in order to develop a robust investment portfolio. Also some analysts are predicting that as the supply of Bitcoins reduces in the coming years; its prices will increase accordingly.

In case you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, you should consider the volatile nature of this cryptocurrency. But you should also understand that, investing in Bitcoins yoielded handsome returns for the early investors in this cryptocurrency. For example, in July 2010,you could have bought a single Bitcoin for a value of $0.06.At the same time, a person was able to sell the cryptocurrency for a value of $979.45 in December 2013.Such was the amount of profit one could make by investing in this cryptocurrency.

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