Watches like Fitbit

Watches like Fitbit have become an integral part of human lives. These devices have helped change the way the world thinks. Thanks to the ease of availability of these fitness trackers, many of the people are now hooked to exercise. Activity trackers like Fitbit have now emerged as great gift options also. They are the ideal gifts for people of every age group, ranging from teenagers to old people. Fitbit Blaze revolutionized the concept of smart watch as well. Apple smart watches began integrating numerous fitness tracking features on its smart watch to give a tough competition to watches like Fitbit.

Fitbit has made it possible for people to integrate exercise into their daily life. Many other smart watch brands have emerged in the market today which are also capable of tracking fitness levels. Each of them are priced differently. But Fitbit still tops the list of fitness integrated smart watches. In addition to providing information about the vital parameters, Fitbit watches also provide caller information, message, email, and even social media notifications. Some of the top Fitbit models are listed below.

Fitbit Zip – It is one of the least expensive of Fitbit models available currently. It is a small, water resistant device which one can easily clip into a piece of clothing like tshirts, socks etc. and can be easily hidden from view. It tracks the number of steps, distance covered, calories burnt, active minutes, time of the day etc It syncs easily and has a battery life of four to six months. It is a good fit for casual athletes and people who exercise regularly

Fitbit One – It covers all the features of Fitness Zip along with sleep monitoring. It can be clipped to a piece of clothing and has a battery life of 10 to 14 days.

Fitbit Flex – Fitbit Flex is a sleek and stylish wristband which tracks sleep, steps, calories and distance covered.It does not have a screen, but provides information in turn with LED lights. Its battery life lasts up to five days and is water proof also.

Fitbit Charge – Fitbit Charge tracks steps, distance, calories burnt, floors climbed and even active minutes.It has a clock, auto sleep detection feature, silent vibrating alarm and also a caller Id feature. It has a OLED display and can effectively and wirelessly sync with compatible devices.

Fitbit Blaze- This is one of their best selling models. It provides pure pulse heart rate readings and work out summaries along with other fitbit features.

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