Wifi Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames have come a long way since they were invented. Digital camera users initially started buying and using them, after it was found that these frames could hold a good number of photos. Prior to the advent of digital cameras, people used film based cameras which in turn produced a limited number of pictures. Also these photos were mostly printed and stored in bulky photo albums. Every house used to have many photo albums marking important occasions in life. But the shelf life of these photo albums was limited. With age the quality of these photos got deteriorated.

But advances in photography gave birth to digital cameras. These cameras could literally click thousands of pictures and store them. People did not use photo albums to save such a huge lot of photos anymore. But High definition AD Frames came to be used invariably. In a High definition AD Frames, one can upload hundreds of photographs using a USB device. These photos can be viewed in the form of a slide show. Wifi digital frames on the other hand are the newest in the market and are in huge demand these days. Using these frames one could send or receive photographs from people who live thousands of miles away. Previously, one had to use a USB to download pictures and then view the same in a digital photo frame. But it is no longer the case right now.

Some of the best wifi digital picture frames that are currently available in the market are

Nixplay Original 12 inch digital photo frame – This wifi digital frame is one of the best in the market and is also the most preferred one. It has an excellent resolution among other features which make it stand apart from the rest. It has a USB port, SD card slot and wifi connectivity options which are quite essential for transfer of photos. Also you can obtain the benefit of using Nix online cloud storage account if you have more than one Nixplay original digital photo frame. This frame can be also mounted on the wall for better viewing angles. The frame also has in built motion sensors and a remote control.

Photospring 10 –inch digital frame – This photoframe has a good memory capacity of 16 GB. Also you can share the photos with other Photospring frames. One can use this photo frame to automatically adjust the dimension of photos which can be made to fit into the frame size. The touchscreen display makes it easier to set up the photo frame. You can also stop the playback of photos with just the touch of a screen.

Pix- Star Digital Photo frame – This is an affordable wifi digital picture frame. It’s available in a standard 10.4 inch size, or a massive 15 inch model, so you can choose whether you’d like your photos to be the centre of attention, or a pleasant backdrop. It is quite simple to use and hence is suitable for people of all ages including the old and the technically challenged. It supports Picasa, SmugMug, Flickr and Facebook. It also has a unique motion sensing feature which turns on only on sensing movement.

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